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Instagram Video and it usability: Dove soap

Using Instagram video, an iPhone 6 camera and a variety of cuts I create a prototype to show how the soap from Dove smells great. Basically, what I did was used the scenario to fill the screen and give evidence to the soap and the dry flowers.

The Instagram is a great platform for brands. They have a huge audience, easy to use and record no only videos, but images. Filters are also available, for this video I used one called “Reyes”. It is a easy platform, where you can edit and record at the same time. Not much is need, as you see, my video was just a prototype of a video that with an extra person much can be done; and maybe a little more light.

Video about the importance of SWOT and PEST Analysis

Mind Tools published two articles, simple but with good content, about SWOT Analysis and PEST Analysis. This video is a brief evaluation on how I think those strategies can be helpful for you to use in your organization or personal career.