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Where digital trends are taking us to?


The digital world can easily be seen as a fun world, where everything is quick and not as difficult to follow. However, it demands time, effort and 24/7 monitoring. In addition, content marketing is one of the most trends in digital media where your business would like to be preparing for the next three years. Big data and knowing your customers insights is also very important; however, there is not point on knowing what your audience wants if the content marketing does not speak their language. For this reason, I leave here some suggestions on what we can do to follow up, until the future is here.

“Content marketing is the marketing and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action”.

by Joe Pulizzi.

And make no mistake, the content types are not few. Content curation or content creation can be several types for each insight that you need. I recommend for you to read this article that might be really helpful on how to be trend with this topic:

article agora pulse

and this one too:

express writers article

Knowing that the use of mobile is increasing, and we also know that visual communication attracts and it is more absorbing than any other type of communication, it is time for us to understand how to communicate through composition, animation and action works. A very fun suggestion is analyze how organizations are using features as videos compositions, snapchat or instashare – which are tools that are starting now, but will be more and more common, with more competitors and more live action than today. Analyze and understand how organizations are using those tools as storyteller, or how a live video with minimum equipment or light can also be useful to communicate with your audience or sell your product. For some people, be on a video or a live video might be embarrassing or even awkward but in a few years, the transparency of a company might be a necessity to be showing their face online using this type of communication.

Finally, here is an infographic retrieved from Post Planner where you can see more information about the future of digital:

Instagram Video and it usability: Dove soap

Using Instagram video, an iPhone 6 camera and a variety of cuts I create a prototype to show how the soap from Dove smells great. Basically, what I did was used the scenario to fill the screen and give evidence to the soap and the dry flowers.

The Instagram is a great platform for brands. They have a huge audience, easy to use and record no only videos, but images. Filters are also available, for this video I used one called “Reyes”. It is a easy platform, where you can edit and record at the same time. Not much is need, as you see, my video was just a prototype of a video that with an extra person much can be done; and maybe a little more light.

Customize WordPress Template

The two themes installed are “Twenty Fourteen” and “Garfunkel”. I modified three colours as selectors on the CSS:

  • Submit button colour
  • Display colour
  • Link in text colour

All of those used to be green, as the code above shows:




Here how it looks like after the edition:

The Google Analytics and Disqus are installed on the blog as you can see the image bellow; For the Disqus, the pluging is installed on the comment’s area.


Online image editors

Once again, Evergreen Brick Works pop up on my head as soon as a brand had to be used for this assignment. As I said on my previous post about image composition, the place is still one of my favourites spots in Toronto. The reason that I chose them again is that the view from the lake is amazing in the fall, and the Farmer’s Market that they have on site every weekend is about to change. Well, only on Sundays; And this is why I chose to do a post about online image editors and how those tools can be helpful to send a message.

Fall is here! Come enjoy the view and our last Sunday's Farmers Markets that goes until November 30th". Photo taken by iPhone.
“Fall is here! Come enjoy the view and our last Sunday’s Farmers Markets that goes until November 30th”. – Photo taken by iPhone.

When I first took the picture from my iPhone, I used the iPhoto app to adjust the light and used a filter called “Fade” to neutralize a little bit of the colours from the image. After that, I went to Canva online and finalize my composition with another filter that helped me give more bright to the colours, “Festive” and added the text using the same app.

Image composition for Social Media

Evergreen Brick Works is one of my favourite spots here in Toronto. They are not only a dream come true place where you can see how cities could be sustainable, but also, a Non-profit where people and nature get connected with community programs. And with community programs I meant entertainment events where people get together and get connected with same interests: local food, gardening, activities for kids and local culture.

My impression of the organization’s social media are that they do not have a concrete schedule. Despite Instagram be filled with beautiful and tempting images, they are not telling the public the great stories that they build. My three suggestions of images are not far from what they have: local food, community and connection between city and nature.

For the first image, where “community” takes place. I thought about using diagonal lines for a composition of the compost that Evergreen have near the pavilion, where on Saturdays they they offer a small workshop on organic compounds. Because photograph the outside is not easy, I had to use Photoshop to bright the colours and fix some of the lighting that was too dark.

Photo taken by iPhone and edited with Photoshop.
Photo taken by iPhone and edited with Photoshop.

The second image, “local food” was the key for my next composition. Every Wednesdays Evergreen organizes the Pizza Night with organic ingredients, right out of the stone oven. And for this composition, I used focus to emphasize the delicious pizza made out of local blueberry. In addition, the side organic salad is not completely out of sight.

Photo taken by iPhone and edited with Instagram filters.
Photo taken by iPhone and edited with Instagram filters.

For the last composition, the connection between city and nature and all the reformulation and history that has the brick factory for Evergreen, could not go unnoticed. The flower and solar panel is a symbol. And for this image, simplicity was my choice of composition. Again, I edited this photo on Photoshop to give more brightness and contrast between the elements and fix the lighting from the external environment.

Photo taken by iPhone and edited with Photoshop.
Photo taken by iPhone and edited with Photoshop.

Video about the importance of SWOT and PEST Analysis

Mind Tools published two articles, simple but with good content, about SWOT Analysis and PEST Analysis. This video is a brief evaluation on how I think those strategies can be helpful for you to use in your organization or personal career.

How does Body Shop engage its costumers on Facebook?

Body Shop is famous for its excellent quality products, natural and not harmful to the environment. Although its stores are constantly frequented, the Facebook page unfortunately does not have the same power.

Body Shop Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask
Retrieved from fb.com/TheBodyShopCanada

This post above for example, shows great brand personality and visual compelling. In this case, the production and composition of the image reflects on the high quality of natural raw material. Also, the logo of the brand is present in two moments, despite one is too small to be read by a mobile screen. Even though the text is cute, they ruin it self-affirming how good the product is. But, they should have done this an experience full of curiosity about the amazing texture of the new Nourishing Mask.

For the second post, the brand took a risk in adept the trend “no makeup” or “You’re Beautiful” where they value the true beauty of women when they are not dress up – witch I admire, by the way. However, even though is a challenge to win the Spa Package it is not meaningfully enough for customers to share this kind of picture in social media.

Retrieved from fb.com/TheBodyShopCanada

In conclusion, the Body Shop Canada on Facebook seems to be more like a window shop than an opportunity to bond with clients or engage users.

Your organization has a strategy? Or is it a tactic?

Strategy and tactics are completely different things. However, without both of them an organization might not lead to success. For example, tactics will support your strategy; and without the strategy, tactics would not lead to anywhere in the future.

The BYU Marriot School in its video “What is Strategy” defines a good strategy, as “being able to see the whole and work to coordinate all the necessary to achieve that goal” (2’20). Which means that strategy is a plan that will help an organization visualize and see in a clear vision the mission of it existence (specially in which market they are acting), understand it differentials against the competition and finally, will support as a direction to achieve success. Following this, the importance of the strategy is to think about the whole; which means all information is useful as well as its strengths and weaknesses. And for this reason, mapping a plan for success requires spending time comprehending the inside of its company. In “Generic Strategies” video, it is presented Michael Porter’s four generic strategies that helps understand what type of differentiation a company can have and strategically think in favour of its customers and against the competitors in the same market. “Two key dimensions” define the generic strategies, “scope” and “source”. Again, the differential of a corporation usually can be about the “overall cost leadership differentiation”, where low-cost is provide or with the “overall differentiation”, which a unique experience is offered and the customer is willing to pay more for it. “Cost focus” and finally “differential focus” are different ways of strategies to focused on the market. Equally important, strategies can be use inside an organization or corporation. The Mind Tools Editorial Team posted an article explaining “What Is Strategy” and the three levels of it where “Team Strategy” is the first step the goals to work together in different sectors of the same organization. In fact, employees are critical to the achievement of success and its management can become simple deploying small strategies when different segments of a company are in the “same boat”. Which leads to “Business Unit Strategy”, where the team works, think together in how to “compete successfully in individual markets”, resulting in the “Corporate Strategy” where several markets can be operating for the same company and the same value. It all starts with teamwork and management. In conclusion, strategy is a plan for organizations understand the inside and its mission though the market that they are insert, helping it coordinate and engage it’s employees to achieve with differential their goal to success.

Still, tactics is the next part of the strategy. After mapping, thinking and planning the strategy of an organization, the next step is go to war! Joking aside, tactics will help the corporation or organization to go to action and setup how the goals and strategies will be achieved.


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