Where digital trends are taking us to?


The digital world can easily be seen as a fun world, where everything is quick and not as difficult to follow. However, it demands time, effort and 24/7 monitoring. In addition, content marketing is one of the most trends in digital media where your business would like to be preparing for the next three years. Big data and knowing your customers insights is also very important; however, there is not point on knowing what your audience wants if the content marketing does not speak their language. For this reason, I leave here some suggestions on what we can do to follow up, until the future is here.

“Content marketing is the marketing and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action”.

by Joe Pulizzi.

And make no mistake, the content types are not few. Content curation or content creation can be several types for each insight that you need. I recommend for you to read this article that might be really helpful on how to be trend with this topic:

article agora pulse

and this one too:

express writers article

Knowing that the use of mobile is increasing, and we also know that visual communication attracts and it is more absorbing than any other type of communication, it is time for us to understand how to communicate through composition, animation and action works. A very fun suggestion is analyze how organizations are using features as videos compositions, snapchat or instashare – which are tools that are starting now, but will be more and more common, with more competitors and more live action than today. Analyze and understand how organizations are using those tools as storyteller, or how a live video with minimum equipment or light can also be useful to communicate with your audience or sell your product. For some people, be on a video or a live video might be embarrassing or even awkward but in a few years, the transparency of a company might be a necessity to be showing their face online using this type of communication.

Finally, here is an infographic retrieved from Post Planner where you can see more information about the future of digital: