Your organization has a strategy? Or is it a tactic?

Strategy and tactics are completely different things. However, without both of them an organization might not lead to success. For example, tactics will support your strategy; and without the strategy, tactics would not lead to anywhere in the future.

The BYU Marriot School in its video “What is Strategy” defines a good strategy, as “being able to see the whole and work to coordinate all the necessary to achieve that goal” (2’20). Which means that strategy is a plan that will help an organization visualize and see in a clear vision the mission of it existence (specially in which market they are acting), understand it differentials against the competition and finally, will support as a direction to achieve success. Following this, the importance of the strategy is to think about the whole; which means all information is useful as well as its strengths and weaknesses. And for this reason, mapping a plan for success requires spending time comprehending the inside of its company. In “Generic Strategies” video, it is presented Michael Porter’s four generic strategies that helps understand what type of differentiation a company can have and strategically think in favour of its customers and against the competitors in the same market. “Two key dimensions” define the generic strategies, “scope” and “source”. Again, the differential of a corporation usually can be about the “overall cost leadership differentiation”, where low-cost is provide or with the “overall differentiation”, which a unique experience is offered and the customer is willing to pay more for it. “Cost focus” and finally “differential focus” are different ways of strategies to focused on the market. Equally important, strategies can be use inside an organization or corporation. The Mind Tools Editorial Team posted an article explaining “What Is Strategy” and the three levels of it where “Team Strategy” is the first step the goals to work together in different sectors of the same organization. In fact, employees are critical to the achievement of success and its management can become simple deploying small strategies when different segments of a company are in the “same boat”. Which leads to “Business Unit Strategy”, where the team works, think together in how to “compete successfully in individual markets”, resulting in the “Corporate Strategy” where several markets can be operating for the same company and the same value. It all starts with teamwork and management. In conclusion, strategy is a plan for organizations understand the inside and its mission though the market that they are insert, helping it coordinate and engage it’s employees to achieve with differential their goal to success.

Still, tactics is the next part of the strategy. After mapping, thinking and planning the strategy of an organization, the next step is go to war! Joking aside, tactics will help the corporation or organization to go to action and setup how the goals and strategies will be achieved.


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